Sunday, September 23, 2007

Address for CO Hospital - August 12

Hello All,

We have more info that we will share later in the day after we try to
get some sleep. The short version of the story is that Mark is likely
to go in for 2 more surgeries this week--Tuesday for a vein graft with
a vascular specialist and then Thursday for a very big deal tissue
graft. I'd like to share more details when my mind is clearer--it's
been a surreal past 24 hours.

Know that Mark is ready for this. Know also that the surgery is not
guaranteed to preserve his foot. But if this surgery is going to work
for anyone, Mark is the one. We have a lot of confidence and much of
that comes from the profoundly amazing love and support we are getting
from all of you.Our confidence also comes from knowing what a
remarkable person Mark is and how well he has come through the past
few days already. Please keep the visualizations cooking---visualize
well-vascularized and non-infected skin and muscle all around the
calf and heel of Mark's right leg! The keys to success is blood
profusion and staving off infection.

Here's the address of the hospital:

Medical Center of the Rockies
Medical/Surgical/Post Trauma--North
2500 Rocky Mt Ave
Loveland, CO 80538-9004
Attn: Mark Wiranowski Room 4102

There is a chance that we'll move to a different hospital for the
Thursday surgery. If that is the case and you do send something here
for Mark, I can swing by here and pick up cards/letters/etc and/or we
may be back here for Mark's recovery.

I will write more later today or tomorrow.

We continue to be held by your love and support.

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