Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ready for Surgery Tomorrow - August 27

Hello Friendly Healers,

Mark is scheduled for surgery around 8 am tomorrow. Over the past few
days, his platelet count has trended downward! He is also on aspirin
therapy to make the platelets "slippery" so that there is minimal risk
of clotting during this vascular microsurgery. The plan is still to
use the Gracilis muscle from his left inner thigh and graft it into
the wound on his right lower leg. We are told that the main limitation
he'll experience after donating his Gracilis to this cause is that his
equestrian days will be over. We're OK with that!

We have been blessed with a lot of in-person love over the past couple
days. Thank you so much to those of you who've been able to stop
by---bringing Mark breakfast, lunch, organic cantelope, organic beef
jerky (!), dark chocolate, red wine (for me!), adorable toddlers to
amuse us, favorite CDs, lots n lots of DVDs, helping massage Mark's
leg, so much more. Thank you. And thanks to those sending their love
over the phone and through email. Just this morning Mark and I read an
account of a climbing accident in Climbing Magazine and the account
was profoundly negative, caustic, bitter. We were struck by the polar
opposite nature of this story we have unfolding in our lives...this
accident is not a story of bitterness or defeat. Dare I say
transformation? Dare I thank you all one more time for your part in

If you will, throughout your day tomorrow, keep Mark with you....8 am
ish to 4 pm ish...

*Good blood flow....
*"Pristine" tissue, vessels, bone...
*Mark is safe...the danger is past......
*Doctors focused and skilled and pleased with the work......
*Mark is whole and healing......
*The next time you visit with Mark, this chapter behind him, him up on
his dancin' feet...

Peace Salaam Shalom.

Attached are a few pictures of Mark from the summer---one from
instructing OB for the summer (with student)---two from a personal
climbing day near Boulder.

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