Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Flap Using the Gracilis - August 20

Hello All,

Keeping you updated on this process. Thanks for sticking with us!

Mark has surgery scheduled for Wednesday morning at 8 am under the
care and direction of Dr. Winograd. Dr. Winograd says it will take
between 6-10 hours. He is going to take the Gracilis muscle from
Mark's left leg and put it into the wound in his right leg and then
sew lots and lots of tiny blood vessels together. Wow! Helena Taylor,
our classmate, will be in on the procedure too.

The other side of the surgery is when I personally am going to call on
your help if you live nearby! I'd love to get a line-up of visitors
who can help me to keep Mark comfortable. He is going to have VERY
restricted movement for 7-10 days. With the amount of pain he is in,
movement is one of his only modes of relief, along with the fairly
constant massage I've been able to offer. So, get yourself ready to
come and offer your smiles and your willing hands on his aching body!

Keep the visualizations coming!

Rich flowing vascularization.
Union of the bone fracture.
Well-connected vessels.
A healthy heel.
Doctors pleased with the success of their work.
Mark contra dancing in a barn............

Peace Salaam Shalom.

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