Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Today - August 22

Ah, stick with us folks! Just talked to Helena Taylor, our
second-in-command surgeon, and they are not doing the flap today.
Mark's platelet count is high---not a big deal she says---a very
normal response for what's going on with his body right now. But with
high platelets it is "not a good day for a flap" because of the need
for good blood flow in the tiny vessels they are going to be
connecting. However, he is still in surgery for a couple hours to take
care of some vascular issues that they found on the arteriogram the
other day. An artery that got crushed is now dumping straight into a
vein so they are going to tie that artery off---it is only one of
three arteries that feed the foot so Mark doesn't need it (many people
with lower leg injuries do find with only one of the three). So, keep
that good visualization going even though it's just vein work and not
the flap. Helena says he'll be out of the OR around approximately

So I will keep you posted and we continue to be grateful for how
present you have all been with us.

Peace Salaam Shalom.

Melissa and Mark

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