Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Picture of Mark - August 13

OK, on the lighter side this time so I thought I'd send you all a fun
picture. And the picture has some meaning that I'll explain below.

We are still waiting to talk to the doctor about upcoming surgeries
and in the meanwhile, I wanted to send this photo to you as part of
the visualization party we all have going at this point. (We have
loved hearing about the different ways you all picture Mark. Thank you
thank you thank you.)

A crucial thing right now is that the skin that is still intact on
Mark's right heel stay viable so that the skin graft will work---too
much explaining, but you just need to know that Mark has a little skin
on his heel and we need it to stay alive. I've been doing a bunch of
my own trauma training work on his heels, getting the healthy one to
tell the injured one what to do.

So check out this photo. Mark and I just looked at his photos from his
OB courses this summer. I hadn't seen them yet. This one grabbed me
because of the use of the right heel! Check out this weirdo! They were
doing a small river crossing and Mark decided to show his students a
little yoga.

More later.

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