Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mark's Next Steps - August 11

Hello All,

I know I had written that I wouldn't write any more group emails,
however, now that I am here, I'd love to again call on your love and
support and your powerful imagery of a healthy and whole Mark.

Before I get started, I want you to know that if you do not want to
keep getting these group updates, it would be so absolutely fine for
you to just let me know that. Please do not hesitate. Much better for
everyone involved to just get yourself off this list and you can check
in with Mark individually or whatever you want!

It is tremendously relieving to be here with Mark.
The phrase "sight for sore eyes" eyes are pretty sore, that's for sure!

I am writing to all of you because your visions of Mark coming out of
the Friday surgery as healthy and with a strong bone and with laughter
and resiliency were tremendously helpful and powerful.......when I
have shared with Mark the things that each of you have written or told
me over the phone, he has lightened--I have literally felt his body
relax into relief with those we need that
community/sangha/family power and strength and vision once again.

Mark goes in for an exploratory surgery tomorrow with a plastic
surgeon. Now, plastic surgery does not, as I first thought, have
anything to do with a cosmetic fix. He will need some sort of muscle
and skin graft because of the amount of tissue that was
lost/destroyed. We got to talk with the surgeon this afternoon and it
left us both feeling quite sobered. Mark continues to have an
incredibly positive and determined attitude and yet this is the next
hurdle that feels quite scary and has a lot of unknowns in it. Because
of the amount of tissue lost, the surgery the doctor is talking about
doing (as soon as next Thursday---tomorrow is just to clean and assess
the tissue) will be long, complicated and delicate as he attempts to
make transplanted tissue (from Mark's belly or back) connect
successfully to Mark's leg and to get it to bring adequate blood
profusion to the lower extremity.

So remember those images of Mark I asked for you to concentrate
on......all of those plus....

*an image of healthy, well-connected tissue with lots of healthy blood-flow

Also, in terms of positive outcome, the images of:

*Mark telling you about this whole ordeal months or years from now and
talking about how well it went, how successful it was, how talented
the doctor was...
*The doctor working on Mark's leg and being confident, being pleased
with the procedure, walking out to the Operating Room with a smile of

Thank you thank you thank you for being with us. We are held by your love.

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