Monday, September 17, 2007

After the First Surgery - August 9th

Thanks to all of you for your calls and emails. It means a lot to have
such loving support right now and I know your kindnesses are reaching

Mark came out of surgery last night doing very well. I talked with the
docto post surgery and he was quite upbeat. As they were going IN to
surgery it was questionable whether or not Mark would lose his foot
and lower leg. This morning his is all in one piece and his
circulation in his foot is really good. Hooray! I've talked with him
and he sounds settled and determined and ready for the next steps.

Mark will be back in the operating room tomorrow morning. Keep him in
your heart.

My mom and sister are coming to stay with me for the next 24 hours and
then to take Glory and Teacup back to Maine with them so that I can
get out to CO. I'm flying out there soon and will be there for a few
weeks until he's well enough to fly back to Boston.

Thanks again for all of your kind words.

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