Monday, September 17, 2007

Visualize - August 10th

Again, so many thanks for all of the healing and love coming to Mark
and I. Thank you for emails, texts, calls. It means so much.

Mark is holding steady.

I've been thinking a lot about how a sense of humor isn't simply a
wonderful personality trait--it is a crucial piece of a resilient
spirit. I know that Mark is mustering up occasional laughter as he
slips in and out of the morphine haze.

The tending nurses have been wonderful as I call them every couple
hours. I can't wait to meet them today or tomorrow! (still fumbling
with flight plans).

I just heard from dear friends Sarah and Jason who live about an hour
away from the Loveland Hospital. They visited Mark late last night and
they let me know that Mark is still very much present--proudly showing
them his original X-ray!

I want to share enough detail so that your love and healing can be
well-directed but not to overwhelm any of you. Mark is doing WELL. And
at the same time, the break is a very bad one. Mark and his cousin
were climing in Rocky Mt Natl Park and at the end of the day, climbing
pretty much over, Mark was making his way down a steep talus (large
boulders) slope and a very large boulder dislodged and crushed Mark's
leg against another rock. There was a long and technical evacuation.
Mark lost lots of blood. We are blessed that there were other people
in the area who were very accident-savvy and we are also blessed that
the evac team was top-notch. We are also blessed to live in a world
with cell phones! He was flown to Rocky Mt Med Center in Loveland and
was operated on almost immediately just to stabilize, not just his leg
but his whole system that had lost a lot of blood and fluid. The
doctor was impressed with how much was intact inside the leg
considering how icky (technical medical term) it looked on the
outside. They are watching very closely for circulation and feeling
and movement in his ankle and foot. We are very very hopeful that Mark
will keep his foot.

Mark goes into a second surgery this morning at 9 am eastern time.
While he is doing well overall, his leg and ankle need all of the
positive visualization you've got time for over the next few days!

*picture Mark in whatever way you know and love him best
*picture Mark walking along a mountain trail
*picture Mark swimming across a lake, one of his favorite things
*picture Mark laughing
*picture Mark at karyoke singing "Like a Virgin" (you had to be at his
"bachelors" party!--I'm glad I wasn't!!!)
*picture the doctor being competent, efficient, kind as he works on Mark's leg
*picture Mark kicking a soccer ball
*picture a tibia in it's healthiest form--straight, strong, pulsing
with good circulation
*picture Mark telling you about "when I came through the surgery and
everything was in great shape...."

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