Sunday, September 23, 2007

Off to Sleep - August 23

Hello Army of Powerful Prayerful Magical Visualizers,

Mark was very busy today healing himself and impressing the surgeons.
Today went fine. Even though it wasn't the "big" day and today was
"not a good day for a flap" (these were Helena's exact words to me
when she called me as I walked with Gia along the Esplanade on the
Charles this morning at 8 am---the phrase kept Gia and I somewhat
amused for the day), Mark was still in the OR and then a "mini" OR
("cath lab") from 6:30 am until 4 pm and then on a 6 hour "don't move"
order (had a catheter in his femoral artery and needed to let that
heal up). The "don't move" order is a pretty wild time for someone in
severe pain. And MAYBE an even wilder time for someone who LOVES the
person who is in severe pain.

So, all is well, the little bulging artery is now tied off and his
wound was cleaned again today and Helena called it "pristine"
(hmmmm...makes me think of a Rocky Mountain glade...) End of day
update: long exhausting day.

Tentative plan for the "free flap" procedure on Tuesday.

Still looking forward to visits over the next few days. Call or email
if you have time to stop by. I'll show ya around MGH and the West End
of Boston :)

You can write to him directly though I AM
reading him all of your fun, kind, loving messages.

If you've called and we haven't called you back, please know that we
looooooved hearing your voice---much comfort in that!!!

Melissa and Mark

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